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  • The Guide to Exemplary Programs
    in U.S. Language Education

    All America’s Languages & Learners: Pilot Phase

America’s Languages: Guide to Exemplary Programs & Practices in U.S. Language Education

This Guide demonstrates the feasibility of a “…national strategy to improve access to as many languages as possible for people of every region, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background—that is, to value language education as a persistent national need similar to education in math or English, and to ensure that a useful level of proficiency is within every student’s reach. (America’s Languages: Investing in Language Education for the 21st Century, viii)

The Guide’s programs and practices exemplify outstanding results in Access and Excellence in language education. They come from all levels of education, large and small, rich and poor, as well as from Native American, heritage, immigrant, and refugee communities.

The intent of the Guide is to identify exemplary programs focused on improved on practices that increase access to more effective learning thus to serve as a major resource for attracting attention and support for language education now and into the future.

Inclusion in the Guide is based on enuciated qualifications reflecting clear accomplishment in neglected as well as traditional languages, by poorly as well as richly endowed programs and institutions, with special attention to marginalized bilingual and disadvantaged monolingual communities.

Language teachers, administrators, and researchers are invited to nominate programs and practices meeting the strict qualifications stated in the Guide. Programs meeting these strict standards are welcome to nominate peers or to apply directly for inclusion. 

Programs apply by requesting and completing an application questionnaire about their institution, program and priority practices cataloged according to the stated qualifications based on goals and recommendations of the America’s Languages Report

Entries in the Guide are selected by the America’s Languages Working Group and its Fellows. The Guide is not intended to be a comprehensive list of excellent programs, but rather it constitutes a dynamic display of programs and practices deserving of emulation identifying potential funding priorities.

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Featured Programs

Featured here is a sample of the exemplary programs to be found in the Guide, showing the way to improve access and excellence in U.S. language education.

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