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Donate to America’s Languages

America’s Languages is a national grassroots movement to recognize bilingualism as intrinsic to these United States and to promote more language teaching, learning and preservation. It acknowledges that both native and adopted languages have clear meaning and value, whether signaling identity in diversity, ensuring access to social rights and privileges at home and resources and peoples around the world, enhancing education and intellectual growth, providing employment, or simply increases personal joy.


The term “America’s Languages” is meant to embrace all the languages that are part of who we have been and who we are in this country, whether indigenous peoples, colonial settlers, immigrant arrivals, deaf signers, or adopters of peoples’ languages around the globe. In the same way that we are all “Americans,” so also are all the languages we speak “America’s Languages.”


America’s Languages effort is guided by its Working Group, f nationally recognized educators and stakeholders from academe, business, government, bilingual communities and NGOs, who operate informally as individuals donating their time and effort to effect greater access to high quality language education in the United States.  


To make a donation online, please scroll to the bottom of this page, where you will find the on-line donation form. Please download the donation form, complete it, and return it to  Thank you.


Why Donate

Click here to learn more about America’s Languages Initiative.

Most charitable donations to America’s Languages should be tax-deductible for those filing returns in the US, to the extent permissible by law. 


CARES Act Supports Charitable Contribution Deductions

Under the CARES Act, the federal government's coronavirus relief package, charitable contributions up to $300 (or $600 for those married filing jointly) are tax deductible even for individuals who do not itemize their deductions. This means that you can lower your income tax by making a gift to the America’s Languages even if you take the standard deduction. As you think about the range of causes you support during this challenging moment, please consider making a contribution in support of language learners in Native American, Heritage, Immigrant and Refugee communities as well as disadvantaged students of inner city and rural populations


America’s Languages is a non-profit organization exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The LSA Federal Identification Number is 74-6043371. As a non-profit organization, the LSA may qualify for corporate donation-matching programs. Prospective donors may review an Amount, USD